Elika – Marathias

Elika is the first village you meet when you visit Vatika, built at the foot of the mountain. According to one version, the name was given after the beautiful nymph Eliki. In another, it owes the name to a settler from Alika of Mani who settled in the region after the revolution of 1821.
Overlooking the Gulf of Laconia, the village preserves interesting specimens of architecture in it's stone houses and mansions. In the region you will find the towers of "Fonias" and "Koulentianos" which are parts of communicating with fires about raiding invaders and pirates from the sea.
An area with a strong rural life but also many natural beauties that invites you to discover and visit the coastal settlement of Marathias and the beaches of Limnes and Platanistos. Particularly Marathias, the port of Elika, has become a picturesque coastal village, ideal for relaxing family holidays. The endless beach annually attracts vacationers of all ages. On the beach there is still a harbor with fishing boats that supply the taverns of the village with fresh fish.
Access to the village is easy and quick, since it located only a few kilometers from Elika. Hotels and lodgings in the area will make your stay memorable. Elika belongs to the municipality of Monemvasia.