A seaside town with a separate color, Neapolis lies in the cove of an open bay. It is the southernmost city of the mainland, built in the area known by the name Vatika, which were probably the Voies, an ancient Mycenaean city that flourished during the Roman period.

Traditional villages, picturesque beaches, the famous Cape of Cavo - Malea and unique monuments like the petrified palm forest of Agios Nikolaos compose the magnificent image of the area. Beyond it's port, Vatika are known for its paradise beaches, with Punta, Nerantzionas, Campos and Viglafia standing out for their crystal clear waters.

Thanks to a rich network of travel routes on the mountain of Krithina, you can visit sights of incomparable beauty, as the cave system of Kastania: a natural 3000000 years old monument, with a rich decoration of stallaktites and stalagmites that will offer you unique emotions. Also worth visiting is the Medieval Castle or Paleocastro in Agia Paraskevi and a little higher,the settlement of Paradisi, where you will be dazzled by the beautiful walnut trees, streams and watermills.

Finally, great places of visit is the unique habitat of Lake Stroggili at Viglafia and the monasteries of Cavo - Malea. In the central square of the beachfront road of Neapolis, is a statue of the Vatikioti Mariner, while at the top of the town is the church of Saint - Trinity. Neapolis now belongs to the municipality of Monemvasia and there is a ferry-boat connection with Kythera and Antikythera.