Coastal village very close to Papadianika of the municipality of Monemvasia, with notable tourist and scenic beaches. In the sea area of ​​the settlement remain the ruins of ancient Asopos according with the prevailing version, a city which belonged to the "koinon" of Eleftherolakones.

Plytra is famous for its clear blue beaches, like Artani, Kokkines, Ammouli and Pachia Ammo considered as "top" and every year is distinguished with the Blue Flag. Characteristic of the beach of Artani is the existence of the ruined and the -now-crumbling first house ever built in Plytra from the family of Venetsanaki long before 1870.

Plytra still offers many opportunities for hiking, biking, jogging, sailing, hiking and fishing. Nearby you can visit the Karavostasi settlement that preserves examples of the local traditional architecture.

The main port except for vessels and boats of residents can accommodate yachts.
Every summer the municipality Monemvasia bodies initiatives organizing events, such as concerts and exhibitions. Plytra belongs to the Asopos municipal district of the municipality of Monemvasia