The 11 mills located in the picturesque hamlet of the Municipality of Monemvasia Talanta have left indelible traces in the place. Even the name of the village is related to the financial soundness of the inhabitants because of the existence of mills and abundant running water which was conveyed by channels to Plytra and for which residents pocketed money.

(Talanton : an ancient word which is a unit of weight and currency).

Thousands producers flocked to Talanta from the local and wider area to grind their "Gomaria" (gomari is a load transferred from an animal).

So Talanta was crowned for many years in the economic, social and cultural life of our county. Then of course the mills fell silent and collapsed. However the buzz of the mill has not extinguished the soul of the local inhabitants who always dreamed the revival and reopening. So the cultural association of the village - called "Holy Trinity" - (performing serious work) being particularly sensitive to issues of tradition has managed to restore one of the mills.

In more detail: In September 2003 the cultural association filed a folder with all the necessary documents to the Development Company of Parnonas, Astros Kynouria the purpose of inclusion of the project of restoration of the mill in Plus Leader program.

The file was accepted and from there began a great struggle for the realization of the project. Physical and mental fatigue of people who worked on this project,was forgotten when the restoration was completed with great success. In August 2006 we were delighted to launch our water mill in the presence of the authorities of our prefecture and a crowd that flooded the room, lending a festive tone to the solemn event.

The natural environment in which the watermill is awesome! A meandering path leads visitors to a landscape of extraordinary beauty. Shady trees, walnut, padding, myrtle, running water and stones corroded by the continuous flow of water, point the beauty of the landscape.

The place actually has its own story and has a large regenerative power. Here you can listen to tradition, get in touch with nature and to make an endoscopy. It is thus a constant challenge for multiple visits. Could you resist the temptation?

Cultural Association of Worldwide Talantioton Pref. Lakonias "The Holly Trinity"
(web: http://www.talanta.gr/index.php/istoria)